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How to Get More Distance in Golf?
To get more distance with your golf shots, Golf Genie™ Pocket Guides recommends the following golf tips and drills.

Full Swing Execution Tips

a.) Tee the ball higher to produce a flatter and ascending swing arc.
b.) Strive for a full 90 degree shoulder turn.
c.) Achieve a wide arc in backswing; complete the backswing before initiating downswing.
d.) When making the backswing, check that the large muscles of your torso wind up like a spring as you turn against the right knee.
e.) Ensure that your right knee is “locked” in place at the same angle as address.
f.) To start the downswing, shift weight to the left, triggering a chain reaction of hips, chest, arms and club all pulling behind the ball.
g.) Try and keep the head behind the ball at impact.

Practice Drills for More Distance

“WHOOSH” Drill

This distance golf practice drill can be performed at home or on the range and aids in proper extension and acceleration through impact resulting in more distance. This drill also synchronizes torso, arm and hand movement through impact.

a.) Flip driver upside down and grip shaft just above club head.
b.) Make normal swing with driver and listen for “whoosh” sound from shaft on the downswing.
c.) The whoosh sound should be heard after impact resulting from proper extension and acceleration through ball. Practice the drill until whoosh sound is heard after point of impact. Carry over this sensation to full swing for more distance.

COIL Drill

This distance drill can be performed at home or on the range and promotes proper body turn from backswing through impact while helping to maintain proper spine angle on backswing and downswing for maximum power.

Backswing Coil Drill

  • Place driver vertically in front of you with club head off left instep. Place palm of left hand on end of club.
  • Assume regular address posture. Swing right arm to top of backswing position and hold for 3 seconds. Repeat drill 5 times.

Downswing Coil Drill

  • Place club head off right toe. Extend left arm across chest and place palm on end of golf club.
  • Keep left arm extended and swing right arm through impact and release positions. Hold release for 3 seconds. Repeat drill 5 times.


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Get More Distance in Golf

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