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Golf Swing Lessons

It is always helpful to review the fundamental golf swing lessons of the full swing.  In this article, we focus on the proper golf lessons for the grip and setup for the golf full swing.

Golf Swing Lessons for the Grip

The foundation of a solid golf full swing is the proper grip.  Here are some useful golf lessons regarding the proper golf grip:

Left Hand

  1. Place grip across base of little finger and just above first joint of index finger.  Apply pressure with your last three fingers.
  2. Ensure pad of palm is on top of grip.  Place your thumb just right of the shaft center.

Right Hand

  1. Place grip across base of fingers.  Wrap fingers around underside of grip.
  2. Fold lifeline of right hand over left thumb. Right hand pressure should be applied by middle two fingers.

Grip Alignment

Useful golf lessons (checkpoints) to make sure you have the proper golf grip include:

  1. Palms always face each other.
  2. When looking down at grip, knuckles of the left hand forefinger and middle finger are visible.
  3. Creases of thumbs and forefingers point between right side of face and right shoulder.
  4. The hands should work together as one unit with neither dominating the other.

Golf Swing Lessons for the Proper Full Swing Setup

Next to the proper golf grip in order of importance are useful golf lessons to set up correctly for the full golf swing.  Here are a few golf swing lessons for the full swing setup to ensure you are properly positioned for every golf shot.

  1. In the beginning of your golf full swing setup, ensure your body is balanced and that your weight lies in the middle of your feet (not too much in toe or heels).
  2. Once your body weight is balanced, tilt from your hips about 30 degrees to achieve the proper golf full swing spine angle. 
  3. Keep your knees flexed slightly. 
  4. Keep your back straight and your chin up and off your chest.
  5. Let your arms hang freely with your hands below your shoulders. 
  6. For short irons (e.g., wedges, 9 irons, 8 irons), place your feet slightly more narrow than your shoulders.
  7. For middle irons (5 to 7 iron), place your feet about shoulder width apart.
  8. For longer irons and woods, place your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart.

Remember, that the proper golf grip and set up two of the most critical elements of the golf swing. Incorporate these useful golf lessons into your practice routine every time you practice and soon they will be second nature!


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golf swing lessons

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