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How to Play Perfect Pull Shot?
To address and fix a golf pull shot, Golf Genie™ Pocket Guides recommends the following golf tips.

A golf PULL shot is a golf shot that starts left of target and continues straight left.

Common causes of a golf pull shot:

1. Body alignment is left of target.

2. In downswing, the club shaft path may be above the ideal swing plane resulting in a swing path that is too steep or “over the top.” An over the top swing path results in the clubface swinging from out to in which directs the ball to the left.

3. Another common cause of a pull shot is too strong of a grip which encourages a closed clubface at impact which will send the ball to the left.

4. A closed clubface at impact can result in a pulled shot. A closed clubface at impact can be caused by too strong of a grip (see above) or by an early release.

Cure Pull Shot Steps:

To cure pull shot, follow the steps below either between shots on the course or as you practice golf on the range:

1. Align parallel to the target line. To help visualize, think of standing on a railway line where the ball is placed on the furthest rail (the “target line”) and your body is set up parallel to the target line along the closest rail (the “body line”).

2. Check your grip and ensure that it is neutral with a square clubface.

3. Take a slow motion practice swing and ensure that your swing path is not “over the top” or out to in, but rather down the target line toward the target.

4. Check your impact position and make sure that your clubface is square at impact.


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  • Causes Pull Shot
  • Causes Pull Shot
  • Causes Pull Shot
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