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Is There Any Golf Guide that Can Help me to Improve my Golf Skills?
There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of golf books, golf guides, golf DVDs and golf tips resources that aspire to help golfers learn the game of golf more efficiently and ingrain golf fundamentals. The primary problem is that these golf references are usually not very well organized, lack strong visuals and are often overly complex for the amateur golfer. The secondary problem is that these resources are often not practical and difficult to use when the golfer needs it the most, out on the practice range or even when playing on the course.

This has spawned new entrants in the golf instruction (or golf help) industry – namely “golf guides” that are usually concise and portable for use on the driving range and golf course. Another name for a golf guide is a golf pocket guide named as such because it actually fits in the pants pocket.

The popularity of the golf guide has grown significantly over the last few years because many new golfers are taking up the game and with the enormous time constraints and demands of today’s world, desire “quick reference” golf tips, golf help and golf instruction to not only learn the fundamentals of the golf game, but also use as a reference when they need help setting up for certain shots, for practice golf drills or quickly review golf tips.

The most popular golf guide on the market today is the Golf Genie Tee to Green Pocket Guide which comes in a printed golf pocket guide as well as golf mobile applications for the Blackberry and iPhone. This product covers the majority of golf shots you will encounter on the golf course and provides well illustrated golf tips from top PGA teaching pros. What makes the Golf Genie product unique is that it combines great visuals, concise instruction and slick packaging at a good price ($14.99) to make it very appealing as a gift for yourself, a business associate or a golfing buddy. But beyond its packaging, the instruction is superior quality and enables you to set up for any golf shot with a quick glance.

The mobile phone market has also developed a slew of golf mobile applications for golf which includes apps for golf instruction, golf practice drills and of course Golf GPS. But these apps can be tricky to use on the course or on the range, so a golf pocket guide is recommended.


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