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Golf Training Drills

From tee to green, understanding how to properly approach and set up for a particular golf shot is vital to properly execute the golf shot. This is where the Golf Genie™ Tee to Green Pocket Guide comes in. The Tee to Green Pocket Guide provides simple, PGA-tested instruction and golf tips that you can use as you actually play the game to set up properly for all the key golf shots you will encounter on the course.

But just as important, you can use the Golf Genie™ Tee to Green Pocket Guide as a practice golf drills guide on the golf practice range to improve your golf swing before you play. Has a slice creeped into your game? Reference the golf slice fault and fix sections of Golf Genie™ for perfect golf swing drills for proper grip placement, club head position and swing path to quickly fix your slice and hit straight golf shots.

On the golf practice range, you can use Golf Genie™ golf drills to successfully execute those shots that can often blow up your score. Reference page 36 to practice hitting over and under trees; reference pages 30 and 31 for golf drills and golf tips for uphill lies, downhill lies & sidehill lies.

Go to page 27 for additional drills to improve your golf swing including

golf training drills

on putting distance control and putting alignment. Just click on buy now button to get your golf guide.


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  • training drills
  • training drills
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