Basic Golf Rules – Improve your Skills

The game of golf is known for its honor and etiquette, especially as it relates to its sacred golf rules with origins dating back to mid 18th century in Edinburgh, Scotland. Today, there are 34 fundamental golf rules. Many of these golf rules can be a little over-complicated and lengthy, but their necessity is without question. … Read more

10 Best Golf Balls for Slow Swing Speed 2022 – For 75 to 90 mph

Best Golf Balls for Slow Swing Speed

Being aware of your swing speed is one of the most important things to improve your performance and play golf consistently. This is something you can test at any golf retail outlet, and in case your swing is slow, you can improve your overall performance by getting the best golf balls for slow swing speed. … Read more

What’s Fairway in Golf – Tee Box, Rough, Greenside Sand Bunker Explained

fairway in golf

If you are a beginning golfer, it is useful to understand the basic layouts of the golf course. The major components of a typical golf course include the tee box, the golf fairway, rough, fairway and greenside sand bunkers, “hazard” areas, and finally, the golf putting green that contains a flagstick inserted into the cup. This … Read more