What’s a Tee in Golf? – Beginner Guide

If you are a beginning golfer, it is useful to understand the basic characteristics of the golf game including golf equipment, golf apparel, golf lessons, and golf course basics. Even a simple item such as a golf tee plays an important role in understanding the game of golf.

In short, the golf tee is used to elevate and support the golf ball before it is struck from the tee box for the first golf shot or stroke of every hole. After this initial golf stroke, the golfer cannot “tee” the ball up again for subsequent strokes until he or she moves on to begin another hole. At the beginning of that hole, the golfer may again use a golf tee for the first golf shot only for that particular hole. Though it is optional to use a golf tee from the tee box, most golfers do so as it helps decrease the chances of hitting an errant shot, particularly one where a golfer strikes the ground before hitting the ball (also known as hitting the ball “heavy” or “fat”).

Source: liveabout.com

A standard golf tee is 2.125” in height but longer or shorter golf tees are permitted and used by golfers depending on preferences and club. The 3.25” golf tee is usually used for drivers, while shorter golf tees are used for 3-Woods, hybrids, and irons. Golfers can use up to a 4” golf tee, but that is the longest golf tee allowed in play.

There are several types of golf tees. Golf tees can be made of wood or plastic and are available in a various array of colors. In addition to the traditional standard golf tees, there are “zero friction” tees, which proclaim that golf shots can be hit further and more accurately since they are designed for less resistance where the golf ball meets the supporting golf tee.

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To select the appropriate golf tee, first, evaluate your driver’s height. When teed, you should have the center of the ball at the top of the driver’s clubface when the driver is resting on the ground. For irons, the same or shorter golf tees can be used as for the driver, but are often placed where the ball is just above ground level. I hope these golf tips will help you to polish your golf skills.